Script Coverage

Most coverage that is generated is used for in-house purposes at production companies, studios and agencies, focusing on why or why not that script is production ready.

Script Swami goes one step further and includes useful information and tips for the writer to further develop the story, as necessary, to be considered at one of these places. Depending on the scripts needs, plot, characters, theme, dialogue, tone, and marketability will be analyzed, and the writer will get a producer's perspective on the ready-ness of the screenplay.

For books and manuscripts, an additional section of coverage will be devoted to the adaptability of the work to a screenplay, as well as comments and suggestions about possible ways to tailor an adaptation.

Coverage includes a synopsis of the script, as well as 1 1/2 to 2 pages of comments.

Screenplays & Teleplays $150
Turnaround: 2 weeks from receiving project
Projects over 125 pages will be charged $1 per additional page.

Books & Manuscripts $250
Turnaround: 2 weeks from receiving project
Projects over 250 pages will be charged $0.50 per additional page.

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310-988-9766 or email her at Tracey@BeachFrontFilms.com




L.A. Final Draft
"Take A Meeting"
Sit-Down with Tracey

SCRIPT: What are some ways that a pitching writer can make a good first impression?
TRACEY BECKER: Know your material. Be able to pitch it concisely and with passion. Be a good judge of when enough-is-enough.
SCRIPT: What makes for that pitch you can’t say “no” to?

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"Tracey Becker brings a keen eye

for detail and story to the too often

nebulous world of script

development. Her guidance is pointed and direct, always coming from the place of what serves the story best. Just as importantly, she looks beyond the page, to the place we are all striving for: The movie screen. We are now at the point in our professional relationship where she sees my scripts before anyone else."

- Mitch Ganem, Screenwriter
"Elvis Has Left The Building

"I've worked with Tracey on various scripts over the past four years, and find her insights and taste impeccable. She has helped me raise my work to a higher level, and opened doors in my professional career. A true friend of the writer!"

—Brian Edgar, Screenwriter,
"William The Conqueror"